Awakening Pure Potential

Suzanne Gibson “awakens the potential” of your organization to achieve its mandate and vision. Over the past 25 years, Suzanne has:

  • inspired new and established organizations to “dream big,” unite around an idea and turn those dreams into reality
  • uncovered creative solutions to complex social and organization problems
  • mobilized diverse groups into strong teams
  • facilitated and supported leaders, staff and volunteers to achieve their personal and collective potential
  • applied her entrepreneurial flair to start up innovative new ventures
  • equipped organizations to secure much-needed knowledge, skills and resources.

Suzanne will help you draw out the very best from your volunteers, staff and stakeholders as you help create a better world.

“I would recommend Suzanne Gibson – no matter what you’re thinking about – improving systems, strengthening your organization, building a team, developing a plan. She brings energy, insight, and experience. She would be the person I’d recommend to anyone.”

Denise Christopherson, CEO, YWCA Hamilton